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A majority of respondents were concerned with Funding for Arts Organizations (64.9%) and More Funding for Public Art (51.9%).

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Issues are sorted by the percentage of times they were chosen as the respondents' "Top 3" issues.

All “Other” Responses:

  • More involvement in deciding how funds for public art are used

  • city needs to merge some of its art and public performance venues. It owns nearly all of them; which is wasteful.

  • no major issues impacting arts & culture

  • None of the above. See our food needs above.

  • Public opportunities for affordable art classes (participate instead of only admire), e.g. Berea Art classes

  • Lexington needs a museum.

  • Not sure I know enough to have an opinion. 

  • Designated load-in parking for performing musicians at bars and other music venues, like they have in Austin, Texas.

  • lack of equity and representation for artists of color FROM and living in Lexington, the hoops art organizations of color have to jump through to access sustainable funding from agencies such as LexArts.

  • Identifying and encouraging those who are artists, but never feel able to find a way to be involved with the arts.

  • The lack of cooperation from LEXARTS, who refuse to work towards equity.

  • no tax dollars, arts should be privately funded

  • Representation of women and people of color in the arts.

District Participation:

Total Participants: 163; chart represents percentage of respondents from each Council District in Lexington-Fayette
Richard Young