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Economic & Workforce Development


A majority of respondents were concerned with Accessibility & Availability of High-Speed Internet (64.4%) and Wage Growth for Low-Wage Workers (70.6%).

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Issues are sorted by the percentage of times they were chosen as the respondents' "Top 3" issues.

All “Other” Responses

  • Small businesses CANNOT thrive in Lexington, they are taxed to death!!!!

  • Attract & retain high-tech jobs & employers, e.g. N.KY's aerospace industry, Huntsville, AL as "Silicone Valley of East Coast"

  • Lack of black owned business-NOT minority business, there is a huge difference, in Lexington, KY. This is a representation of the lack of wealth, economic vitality and ability to be heard at city hall and commerce lexington

  • Reduce Taxes

  • more help for start-up business

  • Support of locally owned business with tax breaks, especially in new retail developments

  • Development of retail and commercial business around neighborhoods and communities

  • Cultivation of Small Business instead of attracting Major Corporations.

  • Unskilled labor job resources.

District Participation:

Total Participants: 163; chart represents percentage of respondents from each Council District in Lexington-Fayette
Richard Young