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A majority of respondents were concerned with Unequal Funding for Public Schools (63.9%) and Educator Pension Reform (56.8%).

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Issues are sorted by the percentage of times they were chosen as the respondents' "Top 3" issues.

All “Other” Responses

  • Better gifted and special education programs

  • Equitable redistricting of schools

  • educating realtors about the schools since they impact where housing sales occur

  • Smaller class sizes

  • Making sure that the school board publishes a clear report at least yearly about where our taxes are spent and asking for public input as to where the community believes those taxes should be spent.

  • Lack of local people of color and women in the curriculum

  • Non traditional schooling options to provide training for skilled trades

  • Improved access to vocational educational programs

  • school readiness

  • School to Prison Pipeline

  • Again, not sure I know enough about the issues.

  • Overcrowding, not enough classroom materials for students

  • NO TAX INCREASES without a public vote by citizens

  • After all these improvements for safety does this tax just keep ongoing in a fund. Accountability should be made public and future use of this safety tax

  • Safety rules at stonewall not being enforced.

  • Paying a tax for teachers who do not follow their own lesson plan.

  • More interesting classes for students.

  • Absolutely do not use this survey as a means to tax home owners, we are already being gouged by the FCPS system. Get rid of the fat at the top in the Admin Bldg on Main St and put that $$$$ into the schools and for teachers.

  • Segregation of schools based on income, race, etc.

  • Gifted Talented program expansion

District Participation:

Total Participants: 163; chart represents percentage of respondents from each Council District in Lexington-Fayette
Richard Young